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«Winemaking: Theory and Practice» – электронный научный журнал.

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Издается с 2016 года.

Рейтинг статей журнала

АвторНазвание статьиГод, номерКоличество скачиваний
1Natalya A. Shevchenko[Russia]Grigorii V. Rozen and Industrial Wine-Making in Georgia: to the Issue of the Origins of the Industry Development in the first half of the XIX century2016, March402
2Manana Kevlishvili[Georgia], Mziya Gagolishvili[Georgia]The Chemical Composition of Grape Soil Prevalent in Some Areas of Shida Kakheti (Telavi Region, Georgia)2016, March401
3L.M. Bedianidze[Georgia]The Antioxida Activation Of Plums and Wild Plums Vodka’s2016, March390
4Ali A. Zarmaev[Russia]History of Ampelography: Past and Present2017, September355
5Lana Mzarelua[Georgia]Wine Tourism in Georgia, as the Oldest Cultural Item2016, September332
6A.A. Zarmaev[Russia]Ecological Trends in the Development of Viticulture2016, September320
7Asmati Vepkhvadze[Georgia], Tea Mchedluri[Georgia], Lali Shavliashvili[Georgia], Tinatin Khokhobasv[Georgia]Research on the Salinity Level of Alazani Valley Soils and Their Impact on Agrobiodiversity of the Region2017, September302
8Ali A. Zarmaev[Russia]Clone Selection is a Promising Way to Improve the Grape Varieties2017, September300
9Nino G. Vephkhishvili[Georgia], Marina G. Bezhuashvili[Georgia]Quantitative Variability of Chemical Components Caused by Postformant Maceration in Red Dry Wines2018, September157
10Levan Shavadze[Georgia], Nodar Chkhartishvili[Georgia], Roza Lortkipanidz[Georgia], Manana Kevlishvili[Georgia]The Testing of Cordon Forms in Phylloexopenna Seedlings of the Roots of the Vine2018, September155

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