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Issued from 2016.

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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1L.M. Bedianidze[Грузия]The Antioxida Activation Of Plums and Wild Plums Vodka’s2016, March98
2Manana Kevlishvili[Грузия], Mziya Gagolishvili[Грузия]The Chemical Composition of Grape Soil Prevalent in Some Areas of Shida Kakheti (Telavi Region, Georgia)2016, March94
3Natalya A. Shevchenko[Россия]Grigorii V. Rozen and Industrial Wine-Making in Georgia: to the Issue of the Origins of the Industry Development in the first half of the XIX century2016, March93
4Lana Mzarelua[Грузия]Wine Tourism in Georgia, as the Oldest Cultural Item2016, September67
5A.A. Zarmaev[Россия]Ecological Trends in the Development of Viticulture2016, September61

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